3 Incredible Quotes By - Chester Himes | Status Free Download

3 Incredible Quotes By - Chester Himes
3 Incredible Quotes By - Chester Himes

3 Incredible Quotes By - Chester Himes | FaceBook Status Free Download

American violence is public life, it's a public way of life, it became a form, a detective story form. So I should think that any number of black writers should go into the detective story form.

Chester Himes

I would sit in my room and become hysterical about the wild incredible story I was writing. And I thought I was writing realism. It never occurred to me that I was writing absurdity. Realism and absurdity are so similar in the lives of American blacks one cannot tell the difference.

Chester Himes

Free Status Quote By - Chester Himes

I grew to manhood in the Ohio State Penitentiary.

Chester Himes

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