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Collis Potter Huntington 3 Great Quotes
Collis Potter Huntington 3 Great Quotes

Collis Potter Huntington 3 Great Quotes | Instagram Status Free Download

I once drove a pair of horses from New York to Vicksburg, and to this day I can almost map out that country as I saw it then, with its hills and valleys, villages and rivers. Yes, I naturally attribute something of my success in railroad building to the interest I take in such things.

Collis Potter Huntington

I have always looked after the little things of my business; weightier matters will take care of themselves.

Collis Potter Huntington

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Mark Hopkins was one of the truest and best men that ever lived. He had a keen analytical mind; was thoroughly accurate, and took general supervision of the books, contracts, etc. He was strictly the office man, and never bought or sold anything. I always felt when I was in the East that our business in his hands was entirely safe.

Collis Potter Huntington

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