3 Fab Quotes From Dane Bird-Smith | Status Free Download

3 Fab Quotes From Dane Bird-Smith
3 Fab Quotes From Dane Bird-Smith

3 Fab Quotes From Dane Bird-Smith | Instagram Status Free Download

On the roads, it is one of those 'might is right' situations. If I see cars coming, I duck out of the way.

Dane Bird-Smith

All my life, I have been surrounded by the track. The week I was born, Dad took me to training. I do recall at some stage being pushed around in a pram on a track. I have a lot of inspiration from him. To see him carrying the Sydney Olympic torch really ignited my dream. As a coach, he knows the in and outs of race walking and technique.

Dane Bird-Smith

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Every training session, I try to simulate the conditions similar to where I am racing.

Dane Bird-Smith

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